Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 8 Celebration in Sanandaj, Iran: A Resolution for Freedom and Against War

More than 600 women and men celebrated March 8, International Women's Day in Sanandaj, Iran. The following resolution was passed by the participants.

The Resolution Passed by the March 8,
International Women’s Day in Sanandaj, Iran

This Resolution was read and approved article by article by the participants in the March 8 event in Sanandaj, Iran.

March 8 is day of struggle for freedom and equality.

It is a day that the self-evident principle of equality among human beings in all social spheres is highlighted.

We, the participants in the March 8 rally in Sanandaj, reject divisions among people based on gender, religious, and class discrimination and believe that all forms of oppression and discrimination originate from economic inequality; we declare the following demands:

1. People’s rights must be equal in all social, political, and economic spheres;
2. All laws based on gender apartheid must be abrogated;
3. Health coverage, education, housing, and jobs are a right, not a privilege for a particular minority;
4. Execution and stoning must be abrogated;
5. Full social welfare for single mothers and homemakers and classification of housework as a hard and unbearable work;
6. Street women, runaway girls, and homeless people need the full support of the government;
7. Forced marriage, temporary marriage, and polygamy must be prohibited;
8. We demand guarantees and legal protection for women from all sorts of violence and honor killing;
9. We demand freedom of thought, expression, press, organization, and assembly;
10. We demand freedom for all political and labor activists who are imprisoned; and
11. We want world peace and condemn all warmongering by the US government and its allies, including military attack on Iran.

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Onanite said...

Wow ... I adhere to the March 8th demands. What a brave group of people. Heres to them!