Saturday, June 03, 2006

Students at Ferdosi University in Mashhad, Iran Support Student Protests in Tehran

"Students will die but will not accept to be despised"
"No to detentions and arrests"

" To obtain freedom, we will lose nothing but our chains"

"Why are military personnel in the university?"

"Diciplinary Committee, an imposed 'juctice' "

"Why are military personnel in the university?"

"Long live freedom-loving students in Tehran"

More than 500 students assembled in Ferdosi University in Mashhad to show their solidarity with recent massive student protests in Tehran. In a statement, they declared their support for students' demand in Tehran and strongly condemned the voilent and brutal assualt on student protesters. The statement also said, "There is an increasing threat of war against the Islamic Republic, a war that puts the security and the well-being of our people in great danger. As a result of this war, the economic, social, and civil structures of our society will be in complete risk of collapse, and the society can be embroiled in internal and external wars. In such circumstances, the students in Tehran have posed to the society a different alternative, that is, to struggle to determine the destiny of our country by our own hands, a struggle that has declared freedom and equality as its goals.”

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Renegade Eye said...

Great post. The political consciousness seemed high at that demonstration.

Maryam Namazie posted a manifesto on Iran, at my blog.

People are discussing her call for, what is in practice, sanctions against Iran. It is point six of the manifesto.