Monday, July 24, 2006

The Joy of Resistance at WBAI Covers the Showdown Between Religious Right and Feminists in Missisippi

By Jennifer Fasulo
July 23, 2006

This Thursday, July 27 at 11am, tune in to The Joy of Resistance, Multi-cultural Feminist Radio to hear an important report about the showdown between the Religious Right and Feminists in Mississippi.

The religious-fascist group “Operation Save America”(OSA), formerly Operation Rescue, descended on Jackson Mississippi for a week of protest activities designed to shut down the last remaining abortion clinic in the state. In response, local feminist groups, such as the Jackson Area National Organization for Women, along with hundreds of feminists and progressives from around the country united to oppose and denounce the Religious Right’s ongoing anti-woman and anti-freedom agenda. According to media reports, Feminists and their supporters outnumbered the religious fanatics by 4 to 1. According to Michelle Colon, President of the Jackson area chapter of the National Organization of Women, not only did “Operation Save America” fail in their goals to shut down the clinic, but their presence helped galvanize local residents and instigate an exciting new grassroots effort, particularly by women of color, to defend women’s rights.

Listen to interviews with Michelle Colon, Jackson NOW president and Betty Maloney of Radical Women in NYC recount the successful week’s activities.

Residents of NY, NJ and CT can hear report on Thursday July 27, at 11am on WBAI 99.5 FM.

Those out of range can listen online by going to and clicking on live streaming.

After the 27th, it can also be heard by going to the same link, clicking on archives and scrolling down and clicking on the date and time of show.

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